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Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale: the area is surrounded by Green Belt and is regulated by Borough Local Plans and National Policy guidelines. But it is still under constant threat. The National Planning Policy Framework published in March 2012 now eases the path for developers, with a stated presumption in favour of sustainable development.

With the relaxation in planning regulations, owners of "brownfield" sites will be encouraged to promote their properties for housing development. Similarly, land in the Green Belt will be promoted to the councils for such housing expansion. This will result in councils being under pressure to approve rather than turn down planning applications, with some threatening to destroy the character of the area.

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The Society for the Protection of Ascot and Environs (SPAE) is concerned about such initiatives and the potential impact they may have in respect of housing development in the local area. SPAE has been the planning watchdog for the people of Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale for 40 years and represents the views of 1,500 members including individual, household and residents' association memberships on an apolitical, semi-charitable basis monitoring every planning application in the area. We cooperate with national and nearby area organisations with similar aims.


We are particularly concerned to preserve the Metropolitan Green Belt, which accounts for about 70% of our area and is fundamental to its character. Although the non-Green Belt area has been substantially developed, there is constant pressure by developers for in-filling, especially in gardens. We are represented at many public enquiries and, if developers go to appeal, we regularly make representations to the Department for Communities and Local Government.


SPAE is not opposed to all development. Everyone needs a place to live and work, but new homes, offices, factories and roads should fit in with approved local development plans, should be sited in the right place and should be built in keeping with the character of the area.

Join SPAE to protect the area. By becoming a member, you can join a pressure group established for the public benefit and which has been in existence for 40 years protecting the area in which we enjoy living. With your help we can speak with an even more powerful voice.

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